The Center for Italian Studies, school of language literature and Italian Culture
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The Center for Italian Studies is a school of adult higher education that offers non-credit courses of Italian Language, Literature and Culture. Courses are taught by highly experienced independent scholars with master or doctoral degrees.
The Center for Italian Studies is directed by Rossana Fenu Barbera, Ph.D. in Italian Literature (Johns Hopkins University, 1998). Dr. Barbera, a native Italian, is a resident of Baltimore where she has been teaching since 1987. She has taught Italian in the major academic institutions in the Maryland area. Dr. Barbera has also lived and taught several years in Florence, Italy, where she earned her first academic degree, the Laurea in Foreign Languages and Literatures from the University of Florence (1983). She has published a book and articles on Contemporary and Medieval Italian Literature on international academic journals.

Curriculum Vitae Rossana Fenu Barbera

Dr. Rossana Barbera (left) during one session of Intermediate Italian II.
Faculty Members who are affiliated to other institutions and have taught in the past, or currently teach at The Center for Italian Studies:

Rossana Fenu Barbera, Ph.D. (Director of the Center for Italian Studies)
Nicolino Applauso, Ph.D. ( Visiting Assistant Professor at Loyola University)
David Pietropaoli, STD (Latin. Villa Julie, and McDaniel College)
Elena Luongo, Ph.D. candidate, (Johns Hopkins University)
Nicoleta Ghisas, Ph.D. candidate, (Johns Hopkins University)
Gianpiera Borroni, Doctorate, (University of Milano, Italy)
Antonella Cascella, Doctorate, (University of Milano, Italy)
Cristina Cenciarelli, Doctorate, ( University of Rome, Italy)
Franca Gorraz, M.A. (Rutgers University, New Brunswick)
Guido Furci, Ph.D. ( Johns Hopkins University)
Emma Cervone, Ph.D. (Goucher College/ Towson University)
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