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Elementary Italian for Beginners 1
10 weeks
(2 hour sessions)
This 10 week course introduces the student to the study of the Italian language. It is designed to develop the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and oral comprehension, exposing at the same time the student to various aspects of the Italian culture and of everyday life in Italy today. The classes, offered in Italian, are based on the study of grammar and include readings, interactive class activities, audio/visual material, and a video program. The course prepares the students to articulate basic sentences in Italian, to communicate simple concepts using the present and the past tenses, to ask for information and directions, to tell time, to describe weather, qualities of people or objects, to say what one likes or dislikes, to use the language in specific situations such as in an airport, in a restaurant, in a train station, in a post office, in a bank.
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