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Italian Songs From the ’30s to Nowadays ( La canzone italiana dagli Anni Trenta ad oggi )
8 weeks
( 2 hour sessions)
Following the evolution of the Italian canzone from its origin to nowadays students listen to the most popular songs that marked a span of the Italian history and culture in the 20th century. While the thematic approach allows for an understanding of the Italian cultural and historical milieu, the close analysis of the songs’ lyrics provides students with a better proficiency of the Italian language and its grammatical structures. Selected songs examined in this course belong to different musical styles - folk, jazz, rock, and pop - and include the Neapolitan song, the patriotic songs written under the Fascism during the 30s and the 40s, the songs of the Festival of Sanremo from the 50s, a milestone event in the history of Italian musical celebration for half a century, the songs of the cantautori and their political and social commitment in the 60s and 70s, the pop songs of the 80s to nowadays. In Italian for intermediate and advanced language students.
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