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Going to Italy. Course of Orientation for Travelers.
4 session course
( 90 minute sessions)
This course is designed for those who do not have the time to study the Italian language, but who would like to plan their visit to Italy knowing practical information of the country and its people prior to departure. The 4 sessions offer a variety of general information on weather and seasons, dialects and language, habits and traditions, main Italian celebrations, what to do or to avoid when traveling in Italy, the currency, arriving to the airport, using public transportation, shopping, eating out, tips, safety, socializing with Italians, driving around. Special attention will be given to differences that can be encountered when traveling in North, Center, or South Italy, including the main islands. Lectures are offered in English by a native Italian instructor. Time for questions and answers is dedicated at the end of each session.
This 4 session course is offered one day a week, with classes of two hours, in the following months: October, November, January, March , May, June; min. 4-max. 15. In English

Thursdays 4-6 pm (for October and November only). Day to be announced for the following months.

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