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Advanced Italian with Federico Fellini
10 week
( 2 hour sessions)
For students with an Intermediate-Advanced knowledge of the Italian language this 8 week course introduces eight Italian movies directed by Federico Fellini that cover a span of almost forty years of his life, and it examines his unique art in film making. Films, in Italian with English subtitles, are seen at home, prior to the scheduled classes or can be shown to group or individually at The Center on a different day from the course, if needed. The 8 sessions are held entirely in Italian, and consist of a presentation of each film given by the instructor, followed by group discussions on the themes, the characters, the stories behind the scenes, Fellini’s life, the concepts of truth and lies, and the art of recreating life through the 6 th art , of which Fellini is internationally recognized to be a master, and a magician, awarded with several Oscars and European awards. Fellini's talent also as screenplay writer will be discovered in this course by reading his book, Fare un Film, where not only he reveals significant aspects of his mastery in cinematography, but funny moments of his career, his unique personality, and inner soul. Readings of critical essays and reviews will be assigned weekly as well as writing assignments which are shared and read in class. Students will practice conversation and develop their reading and writing skills in Italian through film criticism.

Film examined: La Strada, Le Notti di Cabiria, I Vitelloni, La Dolce Vita, 8 e mezzo, Armacord, Roma, Intervista.
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