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The Center for Italian Studies organizes once a month a literary meeting and a film forum. Although these cultural events are free to the public you need to be sure that space is available. Call the Center to inquire and to receive an invitation. To become a habitual guest and receive information and invitation to all cultural events, unless you are a registered student, be sure to become a member of the school. Call the Center and inquire what you should do to become a member. Current and past news and events are listed below in this page. Titles of news and events are written either with blue ink and with red ink. News with blue ink are entirely visible in this page. News with red ink contain further information that become visible only by clicking with the mouse on the red title of the news. This will bring you to the corresponding link where the complete news is written.
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The Center for Italian Studies
109 W. Melrose Ave.
The Bryn Mawr School
Baltimore, MD 21210
Classes started on September 27, 2017

Elementary Italian 1 for Beginners Monday, 6-8pm
Elementary Italian 2 for Beginners - Tuesday 5:30-7:30pm
Advanced Italian - Tuesday 5:30-7:30 pm
The class of Elementary Italian 3 High/ Intermediate 1 ...Top
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