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This registration is only to access this website, to contact the Center with an e-mail if you wish to receive information from the school office, and to participate to laboratory activities, not for enrolling in a course. If you wish to enroll in a course you have to print the pdf registration form below and follow the written instructions in the form. To register and access this website, instead, follow these directions:

1. Fill all the parts required below in this page. Be sure to write your e-mail address in full and choose a simple password that you can remember and click SEND.
2. After a few minutes you will receive an automated response at the e-mail address that you have indicated with your user name and password; in this automated e- mail you are also asked to click a link to complete your registration. Not clicking that link will prevent you from completing the registration. Follow the directions written in the e-mail once you receive it.
Downloading and printing this form allow you to register by mail to the regular classes held at The Center. After completing the form mail it with your deposit to The Center for Italian Studies, if you have obtained approval to take a course.
Please mail the Registration Form to our new mailing address that is: THE CENTER FOR ITALIAN STUDIES at The Bryn Mawr School - 109 W. Melrose Ave. Baltimore, Maryland, 21210

Download PDF form to print >

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